Tipping in China

Tipping in China

Tipping in China

When you travel to China, you might concern the proper way to tip. Here is the guideline for the tipping in China.

When you take taxi, eat meals at the local restaurants, it is not expected to tip to the staff. However, it is recommended to tip in the luxury places such as 5-star cruise, 4 or 5-star restaurants etc, the staff working there are more westernized.

When you accommodate in the hotels, it is highly recommended to tip the bellman that take your luggage to your room.

When you join a tour, it is highly recommended to tip the driver and guide. You are expected to tip particularly the guides that are more westernized.

Please note: Do NOT tip with small notes RMB 1 or coins, it is recognized as Impolite way. RMB5, or 10 is much better and proper for the tipping.

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