Airlines in China

Airlines in China

Airlines in China

When you travel to China, you might want to know whether it is safe to take Chinese planes, the answer is yes, it is safe.
There are very developed air network currently to link almost every middle size cities, so that there are many airlines to transfer the passengers everyday. The big airlines include China Southern Airline, Air China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines etc. Moreover, there are many small airlines that play very important role for Chinese aviation industry.
However, Chinese airlines, particularly domestic flights are notorious for its unpunctual. You have to foresee more time while booking the flight to match your itinerary.

Here are information about 4 biggest airlines in China.
China Southern Airlines
The biggest airlines in Asia, the fifth in the world, China Southern has more than 400 aircrafts with the head quarter situated in Guangzhou. It is the member of Skyteam with the airline code CZ, and the web is

Air China Airlines
One of the most important airlines in China, Air China fly with Chinese national flag, and the base is in Beijing. It also flies for the leader in China. It is the member of Star Alliance with the company code CA, and the web is

China Eastern Airlines
Based in Shanghai, China Eastern Airlines is competing with China Southern Airline recent years. It is the member of Skyteam with the airline code MU, and web is

Hainan Airlines
Based in Haikou, it is a private company that offer much better services than the state-owned companies. The company code is HU, and the web is

There are many other airlines such as Tianjin Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Lucky Air etc. as the booming of Chinese market.
There are some low-cost airlines in China, including Spring Airlines, China United Airlines etc. The well-known Air Asia operate many flight from Chinese cities to Southeastern Asian cities that make the flight cost much cheaper than ever.

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